In the Eye of the Storm, and the Hand of God

Sept. 28, 2023

We moved from our trawler ¨¨ The Office¨ in Sept 2017 to St. James City at the Southern tip of Pine Island. We used a VA loan to purchase our retirement home.

After Ian satellite image The Wind insurance said total loss. Flood refused to pay even after 9 inches of water in house.

Storm video:

Demolition of house:
Snook in the mangroves
Redfish fishing in mangroves nearby nature preserve miles of back country trails for kayaks

We have determined that we must sell our property. Of course at a loss. Our mortgage is costing us and we can not refinance, borrow on a lot or build. FEMA required us to have three insurance polices, Two refused to pay. We lost almost everything in the storm or to the crud/rust later.



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