Let Him that has Ears Hear!

My Facebook Friends,

With sadness we write to say many new people are asking to friend us, many are displaying things of the world, money, goods, lust/sex, riches, is that your Goal? How do we know you? We are confused, we feel there are many sincere people seeking the wonderful Light of His Face. But the Wolves circle the flock. I write this hoping with many prayers that you are one in Jesus Holy Name with us on this. We hate to block you if you are one of us or seeking Him. But we will block you for any open display of sin if it is on your page or friends you send to us. Please pray on this. We all extend the beggar’s hand for cleaning. 1 John 1:7

We will support you with prayer and mentoring, teaching. Acts 14:23 we are your servants.

Please read with pray of understanding. We are not going to give anyone money $$, no we will not support you or your group as sad as we are for your “Cross ” you must bear. Recently we picked up some “friends” on FB we have been drowned in requests we CAN Not Fill for funding. We don’t have any extra! We give to three Ministries (see menu) we have personally served with in the past 47 yrs. We are here to support by online mentoring the disciples of King Jesus that want to walk in His Light. If we observe you or your friends on FB asking for funds, begging, or posting junk Jesus would not like. We will block you and all of your friends. There are to many scams,and wolves looking to fleece the flock. Good Shepherds protect the flock. If you are poor, needy and sick, your humble shepherds are to care for you with the sheep of the Flock. The hired hand cares nothing for you if $money$ is the means of his plans. If your “church” is not caring for you! That is not God’s plan or “church”. Your local Bros & Sis are to care for one another, not some rich people who you don’t know or know you. We teach you how to do this by being the Sheep of God’s pasture with humble shepherds to guide you in the Walk. Zero $$ The Truth is so simple wise men miss it. Pour 1 John 3:23 over every thought and deed, quit whining, Carry your own Cross, don’t look for others outside to help you do what you should do on your own with His amazing Power He gives His obedient children, are you submissive to Him? Acts 5:32,Acts 18:8 not your weakness in the flesh. Who ever is spreading the lie that we are rich or we give $$ is in need of saving. Saltlightministry.com

Acts 5;32, the former pagans Corinth understood the simple gospel. they had no wait for theologians and clergy to explain the Apostles Doctrine. Acts 18:8, When the local assembly restores the humble shepherds, the Wonderful Counselor will fill the disciples with His power, knowledge, and wisdom. The simple Gospel saves today as it did then by transforming the mind, renewing the heart, forgiving all our sins, washed away. God used disciples to do this then and now. saltlightministry.com

Amen! Humble shepherds, local independent, “One” congregations caring, sharing, being “family” welcoming the stranger, “tentmaking” as they go discipling, evangelizing in intimate meals of sharing the Gospel in the Cup of forgiveness, breaking the Bread of Life, in groups meeting to ‘worship” Loving “deeds” of the “sheep” stuff of the Kingdom Mt25, that is 1 Cor14:25, 1Tim3:15, in action. “Oh, how they love one another” 200AD, Tertullian, Peace!

We show you how to begin with those that you love ad live with each day. No building if you wish is needed, no expense to try and have a building the community won’t use for community needs like food sharing, homeless, etc. No need for hired hands, no need for a tithe to support the “temple” or staff unless you want to support an evangelist for a while to help. peace!

http://www.wearechurch.com/ A model we enjoy watching is this movement that started in 2013, there are several others on the same Walk in His Light to day. Allowing the shadow of even good men and women to dim His marvelous Light is serious error. We are to be “yoked” side by side to care for one another, never to disparage another believing child of His. Abide as one in constant contact with our King Jesus. Peace!

Sign up here for online we support or free youtube course https://www.churchintensive.com/

More shift is to come from real estate needs for “vChurches” but the “homestyle” has a good fit for neighborhoods in communities. The inner city monoliths and huge campuses must meet the needs of the locals or die out due to traffic, parking, overhead unable to sustain on “tithe” from older members who won’t adapt easily. We help with all we can to adapt to walking in his light, not theirs or others. 1Cor 14;25 IMHO

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